Parking options

Both short and long-term parking areas are located near the terminal building. It is possible to pay with both credit cards and cash. The first twenty minutes of parking are free. For parking a car from 20 to 60 minutes, travelers will be charged with $2. When choosing short-term parking, each additional ½ hour costs $1 when in case of long-term parking, $1 fee is for every extra hour. The short-term parking daily price is $11. Long-term daily parking costs only $8.

Electric Vehicle Charging

The airport offers a Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging that is available in the short term lot on the right-hand side at the end of the row. The Level two charging station located on the ChargePoint Network is entirely free. For activating it, travelers should wave their ChargePoint card or wireless credit card to activate the station by using ChargePoint's mobile application or contact the phone number which is listed on the station.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot

The airport offers a free Cell Phone Waiting Lot as a courtesy for picking-up arriving passengers. The lot can be found on Airport Road and is reached just before the terminal. If you are picking up a passenger, you can use parking in this lot and wait while staying in the vehicle until receiving a call from the arriving passenger. However, customers are asked to consider several requirements in case of using a lot. It is prohibited to leave a car unattended and required to turn it off to avoid excessive idling.